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(2)Fair Credit Reporting Act Information contained herein is derived solely from public records. Although every effort has been made to assure accuracy we cannot act as guarantor of information’s accuracy or completeness. Users should consult state and federal laws, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act, before using this information in making business decisions based on the results. We are not liable from claims for damages arising from the use of this data, beyond the cost of the search(es) performed by users. Final verification of an individual's identity and proper use of any information on this site is the user's responsibility. This information should not be used in legal proceedings. It is recommended that users of this database obtain the original document from the jurisdiction for the purpose of legal proceedings.

(3)Permissible Purpose: The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) imposes criminal penalties against anyone who knowingly and willfully obtains information on consumers from a consumer reporting agency under false pretenses, and other penalties for anyone who obtains such information without a permissible purpose. Penalties include a fine, up to two years in prison, or both

(4) In the event that CertifiedVisitor.com suspects that this Service has been misused, we may contact our suppliers and/or law enforcement agencies, providing them with information needed to conduct an investigation. You consent to the disclosure of this information for such investigative purposes. CertifiedVisitor.com systems and services may not be electronically accessed by automated programs or other data extraction systems without prior authorization. CertifiedVisitor.com reserves the right to cancel or not offer services to any user that it deems is inappropriately using its services.

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